YOUNGER, an enduring legacy for almost 100 years continues to grow and evolve in the 21st century with Jimmy J. Younger’s leadership as President of Nederland Tank Wash in Texas and St. Gabriel Tank Wash in Louisiana.

During World War I Jimmy’s grandfather and father sold horses and mules to the allied government. His father, Edgar, saw an opportunity in the oil fields of Oklahoma and began to build a fleet of trucks and equipment to capitalize on this new horizon.

Jimmy joined his father in the oil field venture after graduating from the University of Texas. When he became President, Jimmy operated the nationwide chemical transportation company, known as Younger Brothers, with its familiar horseshoe logo, and located their corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas.

Under his leadership Younger Brothers flourished operating terminals in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Georgia and New Jersey. Younger Brothers transported for major companies throughout the United States, creating an unmatched reputation for high quality service with strong commitment to their customers.

In 1996 he focused full attention to his tank cleaning endeavor. Calling upon his vast knowledge of chemical transportation, he has assembled a cohesive team of experts in the tank wash service industry who are committed to safety and the environment, while providing first-class service to our valued customers.

More recently, Jimmy added a new business stream to his family of companies. In order to meet customer demand, St. Gabriel Leasing built a new stainless steel fleet to serve the chemical, environmental and energy service sectors.